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Social medias taking places in virtual worlds.

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Listing[edit | edit source]

List of English and internationals MediaWiki based websites.

Logo: Logo of the website if available, 150px maximum, frameless image type.

Description: Make it short, create a page dedicated to the website if you have more to say.

Links: Can be multiple links and mirrors, including Tor mirrors.

Years: Since when the website exists and is it still online.

Theme: If the website is centered around a specific theme (cars, sport, video games, etc.).

Alexa Rank: Alexa Rank of the website can be retrieved with a widget.

V: Number of votes for the website.

C: Number of comments for the website.

Purge Cache of the page to refresh the number of votes and comments (can take a few hours to be completely visible).

Name Logo Description Links Years Theme Alexa Rank V V
Encyclopedia Dramatica Screenshot 2020-09-02 Encyclopædia Dramatica - Encyclopedia Dramatica.png Encyclopædia Dramatica is a central catalog for organized reference pages about drama, memes, e-pals and other interesting happenings on the Internets, and is your tour guide for your journey across the Internets. ED is also the final arbiter of truth and human destiny, and can be used to settle any dispute, anywhere, evar and a wiki-encyclopedia that enjoys deep web benefits. 2004-present General 0 0
Metapedia Screenshot 2020-09-02 Metapedia.png Metapedia is an electronic encyclopedia which focuses on culture, art, science, philosophy and politics. 2006-present General 0 0