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Listing[edit | edit source]

List of Spanish Imageboards.

Logo: Logo of the website if available, 150px maximum, frameless image type.

Description: Make it short, create a page dedicated to the website if you have more to say.

Links: Can be multiple links and mirrors, including Tor mirrors.

Years: Since when the website exists and is it still online.

Theme: If the website is centered around a specific theme (cars, sport, video games, etc.).

Active boards: The most used board on the imageboard, preferably include only one for better sorting.

Infos: Open-source.png = Free/Open Source Partially open source.png = Partially Open Source Closed source.png = Closed Source Dollar signn.png = Display advertising Tor logo1.png = Tor Support

Software: Software used on the website

Alexa Rank: Alexa Rank of the website.

V: Number of votes for the website.

C: Number of comments for the website.

Name Logo Description Links Years Theme Active Boards Infos Software Alexa Rank V C
Hispachan Hispachan.png Hispachan es un tablón de imágenes anónimo (también llamado imageboard o chan) en español donde cualquiera puede escribir mensajes y compartir imágenes. 2012-presente General Spanish /Adictos a Internet/ Closed source.png Hispachan 0 0
WIRED-7 Screenshot 2020-08-09 WIRED-7, comunidad anónima (Imageboard en español).png El proyecto WIRED-7 busca crear un nuevo tipo de comunidad anónima. 2018-presente General Spanish /b/ Open-source.png tinyboard



0 0