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Adding a link on Social Wiki is quick and simple, all the informations you could need are listed below.

Quick Video Tutorial[edit | edit source]

Adding a line in a table[edit | edit source]

Screenshot 2020-07-26 Editing Imageboards - Social Wiki.png

Click on Insert below and it will add a new line.

Votes and comments[edit | edit source]

To add a votes and comments count first create a page dedicated to the website and this in the page you just created, do so in edit from source cause the visual editor add a no wiki tag to it:

<vote type=1 />

<comments />

Then on the page where you want to display the number of votes and comments add this:



PageName being the simple PageName, for example, for this page we would have {{NUMBEROFCOMMENTSPAGE:Editing}}

Alexa Rank[edit | edit source]

To retrieve the Alexa Rank of a website use this:




|range=max }}

If no Alexa Rank are available, write "Not Available" for better sorting.

You can also copy paste an existing one from the visual editor and change the URL in the form

Multilingual[edit | edit source]

This website use the Semantic Interlanguage Links extension to link different language version of a page with each others.

For example, if you want to add a French Version of the Main Page, create a page like Main Page/fr or Page Principale.

Add this to the Main Page in English (if not already set, if the original page already have others language page version linked you have nothing to add):

<center><small>[''{{interlanguagelist:Main Page|InterlanguageLinksTemplate}}'']</small></center>

Here you just have to change "Main Page" to the page you're using.

{{interlanguagelink:en|Main Page}}

Here change "Main Page", if the original page is in English let the language code "en" this way.

And this to the page you've just created (here in French), the language code is always in ISO 639-1 codes format:

<center><small>[''{{interlanguagelist:Main Page|InterlanguageLinksTemplate}}'']</small></center>

{{interlanguagelink:fr|Main Page}}

To the page you've created you just need to change the language code and you're set.

Images[edit | edit source]

Screenshot 2020-07-26 Editing Editing - Social Wiki(1).png

Here are the default settings to set for Logos images uploaded, maximum 150px.